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2014 has sseen us quickly into India (and out again) followed by South America, South Africa, and one of our favourite destinations; Spain. Please don't get too jealous as we've also spent time in a car park in Watford - but it was work and it was fun.
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we built a remarkable ring light unlike any other - fully dimmable with LED or incandescent lighting that can be swopped out easily. It's about 2 feet across mind you.. so not really one for putting in a backppack and hiking to the Andes with... we're in a testing phase at the moment and will be putting it through its paces.

Big stuff

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Quality or die.... whether we're shooting for local business or pulling off something epic we put our best feet forwards. Mr Gryffudd's looking pretty sexy here posing here for UK Drama in a warehouse in Manchester. He's counterpointed on the right by a menacing Dalek we designed and shot for BBC 2 - it's so cute!... can Daleks be cute? We're not sure.