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Films.Gb design, edit and integrate across a variety of platforms. Which is a fancy way of saying we design motion graphics and also code for html5 and css3. There aren't many (if any) production houses that can do this. We choose to because video and web have become so entwined that to ignore HTML5 is to lose the plot. We are, you see, forwards looking, and why we're still here when others aren't. We have awards for design from The Royal Television Society and entries in various trade Design books but we don't actually push ourselves as designers. For us the message comes first - Design is the vehicle. The result is that we often design for designers themselves.

Broadcast titles sequences and thoughtful engaging presentations have brought us to a point we're comfortable with. We design and work in-house using Cinema 4D, After Effects, Motion, and some other Linux aplications that we like experimenting with.

We've made many popular BBC Idents, Channel 5 Idents, DVD Menus for stage shows, and other graphics for UK & international Broadcasters. We have three gold awards from the Royal Television society and several D&Ad awards which we take out and polish occasionally. For the very simple reason is that no single designer knows all there is to know we actively encourage liaison with a cross-section of effects artists and video graphic talent.

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