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We're founded on journalism and we deal with real world problems in ways that hinge on accessibility, integrity, and accuracy. Much of what we do is in making the complex accessible and comprehensible to a variety of viewers - from niche markets to wider shareholders and to the public at large. Before entering the shady world of The BBC and other Broadcasters and agencies we obtained degrees not in media studies but in law, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics. In short, we're serious and along with the fun stuff we deal with the difficult. It's no surprise that we carry an ever-growing list of NDAs and deal with sensitive infomation in a mature environment.

From recreating The Dragon's Den for The Cabinet Office in partnership with Ernst & Young to creating briefing documents for General Practitioners and 'day in the life' segments for TeachFirst we cross a range of subjects and disciplines. Our USP is informed questioning and a firm grasp of the issues. Our Producers ask informative and insightful questions and dovetail with operations and intent. Projects are collaborative - you need the best from us and our task is to guide, enhance and tease out the very best in a client communication.

Some of our work is very local - which means The Uk and Mainland Europe. Our cameramen carry press cards and are easily able to interview in Parliament surroundings and in Whitehall. Aside from the obvious Uk locations we travel to India, latin America, Hong Kong, China, Asia generally and The States quite frequently. It helps to be acquainted with the foibles of international filming, the vagaries of air transport and the Law. It also helps if you like airline food and filling in forms.

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