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2013 saw us in South America, Dubai and of course Bognor Regis. You really cannot beat Engand on a rainy day. 2014 will see us booked for a sojourn in Iceland, Bogota, La Palma and probably New York. Clearly we love airline food and just can't get enough of those little bread rolls encased in a cellophane wrap that explode on opening and sends the contents of your hot drink over your neighbour.

In progress...

We do a lot of effective work for charities and social causes, and we're currently building a whole new website for "Let's respect" an organisation originally set up by The NHS to educate, prmote and challenge work in the fileds of elderly care. Podcasts are part of that strategy, and we're pretty good at cramming a lnto of podcasts into a single day with a camera.


We've made many films for teachFirst - the organisation that champions the use of high-flying graduates in schools across the UK