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2013 saw us in South America, Dubai and of course Bognor Regis. You really cannot beat Engand on a rainy day. 2014 will see us booked for a sojourn in Iceland, Bogota, La Palma and probably New York. Clearly we love airline food and just can't get enough of those little bread rolls encased in a cellophane wrap that explode on opening and sends the contents of your hot drink over your neighbour.

Here we go again

event photographers
We are the only external source trusted by Saga Holidays to produce above the line (publicly viewable) video content and this month we're filming and interviewing to promote the beautiful Hotels and scenery of Southern Spain. It's going to be exacting work for a client that demands the best but we're up to the job (we always have been).

Snowboard time

Skiing and Snowboarding is but one of our many skills... we do occasionally fall over though, it's true. This film for The resort of Formigal in the Pyrenees was made on a very limited budget but shows off the resort to great effect and scored massively on social media for The Spanish Tourist board.

Santiago de Chile

Timelapse is something we've been accomplishing for years. It's pretty easy these days and we perform them wherever we go and for all our clients. If they don't use it in a film it can at least provide a great single piece and a talking point for internal comms. Here we're in the heart of Chile filming on a balmy beautiful evening