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  • Some indecently happy clients

    Nadine Schofield
    Let's Respect - NHS.

    "somehow we always get more for our money with FGB than with anyone else..... "

  • Rob Greene

    "More than just a corporate video production company, Films.Gb bring depth of understanding, creativity & reliability to our domestic and international projects"

We're 'boutique'

We offer differentiation and we offer it in a way that's affordable. It's a rare combination and once we engage with a client it's for keeps. Longevity of our relationships is key to our success.

There are many paths to what you want to achieve...Grasshopper

A lot of money can buy you many things in terms of media creation. Knowledge will buy you more. We don't throw money at projects without a precise idea of what it will achieve and how. We've built a reputation on finding clever(ish) solutions to complex issues and we're proud of that.

Our clients are pretty relaxed

They can afford to be can't they?. They know we deliver and they know we're not going anywhere soon.

Video Production

Since *1872
(* This is not true).
  • 1%
    Time drinking coffee.
  • 33%
    Time we spend 'shootin stuff'.
  • 33%
    Time we spend editing.
  • 33%
    Time we spend listening.
Corporate Video Production

Creative & affordable.Corporate Video Production is our bread and butter.


Our roots are in Broadcast TV and national television.

Digital Design

We're 'boutique' which means a level of originality low overhead - but it also means we get to pick and choose who we work with. It might not be you.

Ongoing Support

We're with you 24/7 & that support continues long after execution.