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Creative Video Production, Content & Design in London

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A Creative Corporate Video Production Company in London

Multi-award winning video production & communication since 1995.
Corporate Video Production

Dangerously creative and gorgeous to look at. Corporate Video Production is our bread and butter.


Our roots are in Broadcast TV and national television. A strong broadcast journalistic pedigree is the bed-rock on which creativity is built.

Digital Design & Photography

We are a 'boutique' company (which roughly translates as 'we have personality'). We are preferred by clients needing originality and understanding of what they deliver.

Ongoing Support

We have a wide knowledge base and advise on creative executions from video through to Web.we are fully independent and rely only on ourselves for web design and content creation.


  • Lisa Stokes
    Mark Lawson Bell Studios

    "Simply the best video production company in London by far. For our major clients, Films.Gb always deliver on both creativity & the practical application & execution of ideas"

  • Rob Greene

    "More than just a corporate video production company, Films.Gb bring depth of understanding, creativity & reliability to our International and domestic projects"

Why Films.Gb?

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop

We see the bigger picture and we're able to advise with authority on narrative, creative execution and, just as importantly, practical implementation. 

We're smart

We understand your business from a business perspective - not just a cosmetically creative one.

Clients stay with us

Our clients return and stay with us; there can't be any better reccomendation or signal that we do 'something' right.

Lean & mean

We take a modern approach and can't square the concept of big offices with current working methods. It's a backward step and, ultimately, a colossal burden on The Client (That's you). Neither do we employ business development - work just seems to come our way by word of mouth (That's where we are old fashioned).


Put us to Work

Films.Gb is a full service Video Production & Digital Design Company:

Corporate, Commercial & Editorial Video Communication.
Full service commercial & corporate Photography for web or print.
Sensitive & secure issue handling.
Digital motion design and web integration.
Exhibited & galleried Photography

We go everywhere:

Phone us: +44 845 591 5203.
production at filmsgb dot com
90 Hatton Garden London EC1 8PN.

Featured Works

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  • NHS
  • Department of Health
  • BT
  • Pernod Ricard
  • BBC
  • Gensler
  • Island Records
  • EMI Records
  • Financial Videos
  • Photography
  • BBC News

We deal with a wide variety of clients from the individual to multinational companies looking for editorial know-how, logistical ability and perhaps most importantly an understanding of enterprise itself. In terms of digital and web design We are fully self-sufficient and able to code using HTML5, PHP, and Java. It means we can talk, and make sense, to your own designers. Why talk to people who have to talk to other people who have to talk to other people about your requirements when you can simply talk to us. The equation is simple.